Thursday, April 30, 2009

for those curious... this is what I listen to

Crazy good!!!

Aprils almost up, and I haven't blogged s*** all!

To anyone who might see this....

I am still alive (if you haven't noticed by the hilarious turtle video) but it has been too long and I feel compelled to write something. So in review of april everything has been well, and I am looking forward to next month. That seems to be all for the moment. I really don't have much to say in detail about it, In conclusion I will talk about a highlight of my month beside from the fact that it was my birthday, at a later point I might attach a video of this months highlight (yes the turtle was a highlight of march). so I went to the killers live at the SOFA, got a floor ticket, a T-shirt, and all I have to say for it was.... They are absolutely amazing live, they sound great. My floor seat managed to get me 20 feet back from center stage, If you ever get the chance go see them live, its well worth it.