Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Very rarely does an album go by that every song is worth listening to... and worth a second listen

So this is out of the norm of the odd/puzzling that normally dot my blog (you'll also note the lack of race reports but thats another story) but I thought this was something worth talking about. About half a decade ago I heard 'speed of sound' by Coldplay, that song got me hooked on X&Y, an album I would recommend to almost anyone interested in what I listen to. Every song on X&Y was something that I cherished, I picked them each apart to listen to every drum line, bass hook, guitar riff, and piano key. It was amazing all the way from the spacey 'square one' to the album titled sonnet 'X&Y' to the heartbreaking pop of 'the hardest part' to the wonderfully moody 'twisted logic' I even enjoyed the bonus track 'til kingdom come' Simply stunning from front to back.

Now as the title of this post claims it's not every day you come across an album that just makes you want to listen to the whole thing. So when one does cross my path, I think I'd like to share it. Enter 'Miami Horror - Illumination' Illuminate it does...

I stumbled in on miami horror by accident. After going on a binge of finding Fred Falke remix's I found a video for Illuminations 2nd song, and from what I presume 1st single off the new album 'I look to you' (trippy video too :). I was hooked. Right then and there I needed to listen to the rest of Illumination, and it was mind blowing. exotic drum lines, melodic vocals painting captivating scenes (OK thats a bit cheesy but you'll realize it once you pull up a curious ear), and synth that reminds of the last 40 years, epic!
And you know what? I think every song is a hit. just like X&Y, Illumination pulls you in and leaves you wanting more and more after each song, but not to worry the next song doesn't leave anything left to desire more. Maybe what attracts me to Illumination is that every song reminds me of another song, for instance 'holidays' leads me to daft punk and their album discovery, arguably what put french on top of what we consider house music today. 'Sometimes' infact has a rift that reminds of 'talk' off none other then X&Y. As for one song that I would say is a wonderful expression of Illumination, I leave you with this one. 'Moon Theory'

I would highly recommend listening to Illumination (and if you got the time, a second time through) Especially 'I look to you' 'sometimes' 'holidays' 'Moon theory' 'Echoplex' and 'Ultraviolet'

Enjoy, cheers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

good bye summer, shame you never had enough time to take off your jacket..

If the weather was that terrible on you too? this might help you cheer up..
I know, I know......