Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are You?

jeff: "what is this?"

me: "It's Barry Manilow"

jeff: "who is Barry Manilow?"

me: "you know? Barry Manilow... Mandy... Copacabana?"

jeff: "......"

me: "nothing?"

jeff: "nope, doesn't ring a bell"

me: "Are you kidding me! Barry Manilow! ..... if your not a Fan-nilow you can get the fuck out right now!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Tribute To Brook Powell

To Brook Powell,

A God among men, we walk this earth within your shadow, yet you stand beside us mere mortals.
If you were to pass before your time I will forever make the world know your might and power.
I shall immortalize your image as a solid marble statue 69,000 cubits in height
(1 cubit=0.52m)
Coat it in GOLD and raise it to the edge of space.
Through those eyes I shall place a laser with diamond lenses for your iris' and reign hell upon the earth below.
I shall wipe the entire state of Oklahoma from the face of the earth, and possibly the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan, I haven't decided yet..
And from then on out for 20 millennia when someone asks "who was Brook Powell?" they shall answer
"A Great Man!"

For further reading I have included a list of my 5 favourite cheeses (in no particular order)
1 Swiss
2 Brie
3 Havarti
4 Edam
5 Gouda

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guess what?


chicken butt,
thats what!

so lately I've noticed training is starting to take its toll on how current information is perceived and processed mainly since when have daytona prototypes be allowed to race in the rolex GT series? seriously? I just found out today, its a kick to the nuts, now I'm starting to wonder about others things and then it hits me BAM!!!

"fuck aaron your out of it, like your spaced out like a space cadet, your a mess, you should just to go bed now, don't even bother sitting around to watch planet earth at 10pm, just walk past the compression socks, you know your not going to put them on.................douche....."

^ its not that bad, training this much is worth when you get on the start line, believe me..........douche..... :)